Property Management

Our goals are to provide excellent customer service to owners and tenants, and to maximize your income and property value, while providing tenants with well maintained properties.

Our Property Management Services

The Plan

Successful real estate investments do not happen by accident. You have a plan for success, or by default, you have a plan for failure. As part of our management services, in each property we manage, we will help our owners develop a long term plan for their real estate investments, and make sure that the real estate you have is the right real estate for you.

Rent Collection Collect rents, CAM charges, security deposits and other fees. Deposit these funds in escrow accounts to be used exclusively for property transactions.
Financial Management

Pay all property expenses, (i.e. utilities, mortgages, taxes, improvements, and necessary repairs) from the designated escrow accounts.

Provide reserve fund management.

Disperse to Owners, on a monthly basis, the remaining income from the escrow account, along with an itemized statement of income and expense.

Prepare an annual budget, with semi-annual meetings for updates.

Provide yearly rental income tax information.


Coordinate maintenance with prior approved contractors. Request competitive bids for extensive maintenance, repairs, and improvements. Utilize only contractors with licenses and insurance.

24 Hour service

Provide on call service 24 hours a day, 7 days/week for emergencies, including holidays.

Respond to tenant questions and concerns.

Property Inspections Perform routine property inspections to ensure your property is being kept in the best condition possible.
Quality Tenant Selections Using highly selective criteria, including credit, reference and employment checks, for all prospective tenants.
Maximize value

Compile monthly rental market surveys to determine rental rates.

Make recommendations to enhance the appearance and preserve the value of your property.

Actively pursue rent collections from delinquent tenants/pursuing legal action if necessary.


Provide quality advice and recommendations regarding your investment property portfolio.

Assist in locating and acquiring properties to match your unique situation.

Property Owners Association Management Provide set-up and management services for commercial and residential property owner's associations.